Hurricane Evacuation Procedures

When a hurricane is posing a threat, it may be possible we will ask you to evacuate. Please keep in mind we will need your full cooperation.
Delray Beach has implicated a new “law enforced” policy. Only the manager has been issued a special placquered by the city of Delray Beach Police Department. Only the manager will be able to gain entry over the Delray Bridges to view the Dover House for a period no longer than 30 minutes. They will not allow staff, workers, etc. to return to the area until Emergency Management Office has declared the area safe. (Keep in mind this could be 3 days or longer after the storm has passed)

In the event of an emergency please call 911

If you have a non-threatening emergency or become locked out of your room after office hours, please call security at 561-789-3143

The afterhour’s emergency phone number is also listed on the information board in the main breezeway.

Please plan to always have at least one member of your family carry a cell phone whenever leaving the room in case of an emergency.

When leaving a message for security, Please remember to include your full name, contact phone number and room number you are registered in.

We ask that you do the following

1- Please take all your belongings with you as you would at check-out.

2- Please discard any food, do not leave any behind. we will not have time to check every refrigerator and freezer if we are under an evacuation order.

3- Please bag all your garbage and take it to the dumpster area.

4- Please return room keys, and pool key to the office. Please do not leave these items in the unit.

5- You do not have  to strip the bedding.

6- Please place all your dirty dishes into the dishwasher and start.

If you need information on shelters please see someone in the office, we will be happy to help you with that and any other information we can help you with.

We understand that many of you may have never experienced a hurricane or the aftermath that follows. We are here to assist you the best that we can.

Telephone Information

Front Desk: Dial 0

Room to Room: Dial 9 + Room Number

Local Calls: Dial 9  + Phone Number

National Calls: Must have phone card

Checking Messages: Dial 509 and follow directions

after Hours Dover House Security : Dial 9 + 789-3143

Emergency Numbers

Emergency : Dial 9 + 911

Delray Police Department: Dial 9 + 243-7850

Delray Medical Center: Dial 9 + 498-4440

Bethasda Memorial Hospital : Dial 9 +  278-6093

URGI-MED Walk-in clinic: Dial 9 + 266-7303