Green Lodging Initiative

Dover House Resort is proud to announce that they have received a Green Lodging Designation from the State of Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection.  They will also be applying for a LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

After renovating the rooms in 2011 the Dover House Resort now offers the chance to stay in a room  that has been redone using sustainable products, that are not only good for the environment, but proven to be healthier for people.

We were able to reduce our carbon foot print by reusing products (creating less waste) by having 50% of the existing furniture refurbished by the Refinishing Touch. Again in 2017, with help and inspiration from Robyn Rocco, the CAM for Dover House, the rooms were renovated using  rapidly replenished wood and laminate products approved by the FSC (forestry stewardship counsel) for furniture. Recycled vinyl was used on the floors. Walls were done with non-toxic & low voc (volatile organic compound) paints.  Recycled and green certified fabrics that prevent off-gassing to help with indoor air quality were applied to all the upholstered items, window treatments, and bedding. Water saving plumbing fixtures, and low wattage LED and compact fluorescent lighting, energy star rated appliance, and AC controls w/ humidifiers were installed in each room. 

Resort Manager, Leonardo Dahbur has helped The Dover House Resort staff implement the use of sustainable practices by specifying green labeled office and cleaning products, making routine checks on indoor air quality, managing water and electric usage, adopting recycling programs, and offering weekly towel/linen exchanges as a standard. Over the past 5 years these changes have saved the resort close to 30% of their operating and reserve budgets.